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This is an abstract painting that has composed in geometric expression, it's a contemporary form of abstraction.


When I look back, at my art journey. it started with realistic art and later it turned into the abstract. nature has been my inspiration. the change of season brings a palette of textures and the lights variants. the naturally occurring sounds, vibrations change too. these observations and changes of nature take me to a different level. I constantly wonder in nature to get more ideas and motivations. my constant desire, hunt, and experience with nature is my palette of spontaneity. when one stands at the peak of the mountain and experiences the infinite firmament.  that is what my paintings are all about.  the freedom of strokes is my creativity and ingenuity. 
I try to transform nature through my imagination and portray it in my special manner.  nature is a treasure of mystery, secrets, and beauty. I constantly try to assimilate things like the size, space, images, texture, and colors as they state my thoughts on canvas this unending treasure of nature and me. we always communicate.  this dialogue takes me places to deliver new shapes and forms. the seen unseen colors of nature. the surroundings probe me to illustrate. the fresh and pleasant colors in nature motivate me. in abstract paintings, colors play an important role. 

when I start my painting… I first make a communication with the space on the canvas, I try to feel the canvas, I observe it. and at the spur of the moment, my inner soul inspires me to a particular color and that leads me to the discrete statement of art for the day. colors bring the shapes some time shapes bring the colors on the canvas. the colors run through the canvas. the canvas, the art starts interacting with me and guides me where to stop. I trail with them.

I always try to paint, what I have experienced from life. that gives me the joy of connecting to that divine, lucid and uncompromising bliss. it also helps in strengthening my coloration, without the direct imitation of nature, I try to find the soul of nature, at the same time self-realization too. a formless nature with the divine feeling….

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Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 72.0 W x 48.0 H inch
Subject : Grey Space
Style : Abstract, Contemporary

Original Art, Only Piece

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