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This is an UNTITLED painting which has done in acrylic on canvas, It's a contemporary art form in which we can see beautiful lines; all as human emotions depicted in lines on this artwork.


Specializing in ancient Indian art (iconography). the main focus is to observe children's response to art mediums while working as a freelance artist and writer. my first collection of poems hone na hone se pare was awarded the prestigious Janpath young poet award, a national award for emerging poets. since then have published 4 collections including Shabdshabdvisarjan, RIT - Amrit, and one death god all of which have been critically acclaimed.I have participated in 14 one-man shows, participated in more than 100 group shows along with art Singapore, oz Asia festival Australia, international writer’s meet UAE. my poems and drawings are widely published in many contemporary Indian literary journals and magazines including nayagyanoday , kritya , vagarth , ravivar , parikatha ,purvagraha, Kavita Kosh, Navya , Akharkalash. being one of the assistant coordinators of the kriya international poetry festival kriya since 2008 and has been deeply engaged in various art and literary promotional programs through the Ramtadrig collective a movement inclined towards social change through creativity, which I initiated in 2010. much of the body of artwork can be represented by a commitment to experimenting with social engagement through the arts. it is here strength lies. through a deep connection to a cultural expression of universal spirituality and a passionate sense of humanity I, continuously draw people from all communities into acts of creativity in the belief that through creativity people are empowered and communities move incrementally closer to the truth. My poetry and paintings are spiritually intuited. while the poems create a secretive world of words, where silence speaks and paintings are calligraphic and draw on the same silent unknowing of invented texts. my paintings represent moments on the continuum; a slice snatched from my deeper hidden journey. the strength of Kalla's work is that it represents an Indian artist’s quest for an indigenous tenor rather than a superficial inventory of native motifs, there is nothing about his work that relies on a static Indian identity. in the context of the new India with its glamour and explosive economics, I'm searching for a new representation of the innermost dramas of culture while maintaining universality and individuality. there is a certain naivety in all my work be it painting or writing which represents detachment but contains too a knowing gesture of assurance. 

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Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 36.0 W x 33.0 H inch
Subject : Lines
Style : Abstract

Original Art, Only Piece

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