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Humans have nature to travel and explore all possibilities, in this painting artist has expressed his experience of Migration, he has composed migration of humans, animals, and birds.


The central theme of my work is 'self-introspection'. I pay special emphasis on highlighting this. other aspects that you will see in my works are 'nature and society'. My concepts are guided by my father and our life in my native village. He was a freedom fighter as well as a social reformer. for my father, his country, society and village were predominant. The rights and dues owed to them was something that my father fought for throughout his life. My village was an example of a typical zamindari system. Zamindars ruled villages with social and economic and sexist subjugation. Religion and gods were used by zamindars to promote the dogmas of oppression. My father used to migrate to various places to earn his livelihood. I used to miss him when he was away. but he migrated in search of livelihood for us. It wasn’t just my father who migrated, the story was the same for the entire village. Almost all of the workforce in my village migrated to cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Surat, Kolkata, and especially to Punjab in search of livelihood. Missing my father in my childhood had an impact, thus migration became an emotional subject for me living in the city had similar vulnerabilities as life in the village. Oppression by zamindars was replaced by oppression by the factory owners or owners of the business where they worked. I saw the toll of migration and oppression first hand. Anyone who migrated for work came back with serious ailments, their bodies showing the signs of working in harsh and demanding conditions. these were the people who had no choice between 'existing and surviving'. in addition to their tussle to earn their livelihood, migration was also in search for their identity, self, and sexual identity. migration means 'a moving home. Economic well-being is an important factor that is responsible for other activities like migration. The struggle has its own beauty. Every struggle in your life shapes you into the person you become. I try to bring to life the 'struggle' through paint. the struggle has its own dimension, I have tried to showcase the different aspects of 'struggle'.

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Medium : Dry Pastel on Handmade Paper
Size : 22.0 W x 15.0 H inch
Subject : Migrations
Style : Conceptual

Original Art, Only Piece

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