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In this painting, I have shown a bull who is roaming around in a beautiful park that is surrounded by colorful mountains. It’s a style of painting in which the subject matter is presented as geometric forms shown from multiple simultaneous vantage points. But there’s more to it than that. Philosophically, it’s a theory of pictorial democracy, where every aesthetic element is valued the same. Intellectually, it’s an admission that life is complex and can only be understood from multiple perspectives.


Dharmendra has spent maximum time of his life in a small yet very important village of Bihar called 'Sonpur' situated at the banks of the Ganga and Madak rivers. This place has greatly influenced his life and artistic work. Sonpur organizes a famous animal and trade fair every year where almost all types of animals and their various species are exhibited. Dharmendra has spent various years of his childhood observing these animals and their behavior. He observed that the animals are more or less like human beings. they try to replicate human behavior. He also observed that there are many human beings who forgot their god-given understanding and intelligence and start behaving like animals. On analyzing the present work of Dharmendra we can say that his present work shows distorted animal pictures surrounded by human organs (lips, eyes, fingers, shoulders, etc), which are so indulged with each other that it becomes very difficult to separate animal and human figures from his pictures and drawings and this is the specialty of the artist. In the early phases of his work, Dharmendra has put forth his love for animals and human love and hatred for animals in the form of realistic pictures of domestic animals in oil and acrylic colors. He received social recognition and appreciation for this but later he lost interest in these realistic pictures as they were appreciable but were emotionless. A discontented artist started putting his emotions as distorted human and animal figures and now these distorted figures started emerging from the bottom of his heart putting his feelings on the canvas. During the fair, he has observed that dealers decorate their animals beautifully to ensure a good sale which helps in earning their livelihood. he started looking for the feelings of show-off and eagerness, which he has observed in those dealers, in people he met in his day to day life and this search has taken a beautiful shape on the canvas with oil and texture. I have observed remarkably one thing in his work and that is the beauty and visual appeal of his distorted paintings. The observation he has made as a child in the animal fair has deeply inspired the artist and it reflects in his work with beautiful colors and textures.

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Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 30.0 W x 36.0 H inch
Subject : Bull
Style : Conceptual, Minimal

Original Art, Only Piece

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