Commissioning Art

Commissioning Art

If you have a plethora of ideas on which you hope an artist can work, Art White Canvas is the perfect place. All you need to do is let us know about your idea and we will connect you with the artist who can do justice to it and start working on the artwork commissioned by you.

Commissioning customised art is a simplified process when you deal with us, as we specialise on artwork which is created especially for you by our team of uber-talented artists.

Be it an artwork on a subject deeply personal to you or taking orders about a tailor made project from a corporate client, our experience of regularly dealing with customised assignments have made us understand your need better.

How it works

  • Placing a request

    Place a request with us by specifying details of the project which you would like to commission and your choice of artist whom you would want to be involved with it.

  • We will get back with our quote

    We will review your request, match it with our pool of talented artists and will get back to you at the earliest along with the quote about the expenses and other charges of the project.

  • ...And work commences

    As soon as we get your approval on our proposal, the artist in question will start working on the project and you can also let us know about further customisations once the project is in progress.

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