Art Advisory

Art Advisory

We are also known for our consultation services, ready to help you navigate the complex world of art, help you to get the best deals and curating your personal collection so that it reflects the best of your love for art.

The art advisory services provided by Art White Canvas is possible because of our experienced team of artists who can suggest the perfect purchase for your home, office space or for the purpose of gifting to a friend.

As part of our services, we also help you with our expert opinion on the originality and quality of artworks which you want to verify. We specialise in providing consultancy services to collectors and organisations dealing with art.

How it works

  • Submitting your request

    You simply need to submit a request, intimating us about the nature of consultancy service you expect from us or the idea on which you want more insight.

  • Our suggestions

    After reviewing your request, we will get in touch with you laying out our suggestions and opinions on the subject. We generally provide our clients with a large array of suggestions and options to choose from.

  • You take the final decision

    Take your time and review the selections which we have highlighted for you. You can give us further inputs on what you expect or can also purchase from the catalogue which we have provided based on your preference and requirement. At the end, you just need to take a decision.

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