Finding and Purchasing art

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    How do I know at the time of purchase that the art work shipped to me will be original?

    We provide a certificate of authentication (COA) with each purchase made through our website, which allays all concerns about the originality of the piece.

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    Which artworks are sold by Art White Canvas?

    We only deal with original art such as paintings, drawings and installations made by some of the most talented artists whose work speak for themselves. Our collection is diverse and includes both contemporary and traditional pieces, with the perfect blend of the avant-garde and already famous genres.

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    Can I customise or commission art work according to my preferences?

    Yes, you most definitely can! All you need to place a request for the same with us through the website and we will get back to you to discuss the further aspects of the project.

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    Can I return a purchase?

    We have a no return policy and are currently unable to take back an artwork after it is sold by us. That is why we urge you to carefully choose your purchase after browsing our website and due deliberations.

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    Artists we work with ?

    We select each artist after reviewing their work and ensuring that they are one hundred per cent original and have something new to offer in terms of creativity. We put special emphasis on highlighting the work of under-discovered artists doing great work and to present Indian artists with a platform to showcase their unique talent. We also regularly take feedback from our clients to ensure that our collection complements their taste in art.

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    How do you select the art on your website?

    We have selected the artworks on our website very carefully, after keeping in mind the preferences of our client and with the aim that the various types of art will cater to multiple demographics. We keep adding new artists and exciting artwork in our collection and by signing up for our newsletter, you can keep abreast about the new artworks included in our catalogue.

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    Is it possible to share and send a piece I like with a friend/partner?

    Yes, definitely. We understand the importance of sharing in the decision making process and because of it we have seen to it that you can share each piece on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email and Pinterest.

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    What is the process of buying art from you?

    Select your art

    You need to browse through our niche collection of artworks and select your purchase from the catalogue.

    Safe checkout

    After selecting your piece of art you will have to make the payment and check out. The entire process is very easy and fully secure

    Tracking and shipping

    The free shipping process starts automatically and you can track the order anytime during the process

    Box of Happiness Enjoy

    Gaze at your artwork till you fall in love .Thanks for your support

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    Can I get a fair idea about the artwork I want to purchase?

    Yes, on our website, you will find multiple photos and personalised videos of all the products in our catalogue. You can take a look at them from different angles to be assured of their quality. We also have a zoom feature which helps you to get a closer peek of the art work.

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    Is your site secure, private and well-protected?

    Yes, our website is totally secure and we use encrypted systems to protect all the personal information that you share with us. We maintain a strict policy of confidentiality and under no circumstances do we part with personal data of customers.

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    What if I have a query before purchasing?

    We are very prompt in answering any questions which our customers might have about the purchase they want to make. All you need to do is to go to the Contact Us section of our website and submit your query by filling up a form. We will get back to you at the earliest.

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    I am a bit apprehensive about purchasing art online. Can you give me some reassurances that it is alright?

    Definitely. We understand while purchasing art online, at times you can get worried. For this purpose, just to ensure you that your purchase is original, we have included multiple photos and videos of the artworks shot from various angles on our website. We also provide a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) which is signed and guarantees that the art is original. Our state-of-the-art shipping facilities through reputed companies also ensure that the purchase reaches your doorstep at the earliest. You can also track it till the time it arrives and also reach us anytime during the purchasing and shipping process. We will happily answer your queries!


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